Айвар ВАЛЕЕВ (a_i_v_a_r) wrote,

Наш Blue snow

Сергей Климаков говорит, что Нью-Йорк Таймс про наш голубой снег написал.
In Chelyabinsk, a city on the eastern side of Ural Mountains and known as the gateway to Siberia, the authorities were trying to reassure residents that there was no cause for alarm from the blue snow. However, some people who walked through it complained of sore throats and said they had also detected a sweet taste in their mouths.

It is perhaps understandable that people in Chelyabinsk, which was hit by a meteor in 2013, are a bit apprehensive about strange stuff falling from the sky. The meteor arrived with blinding light, and the accompanying shock wave blew out windows.
Про загадошные серебристые облака еще надо было вспомнить! Край чудес, одно слово.

Tags: Челябинск, мистика без тайн, экология
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